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You shouldn't have to deal with pain or leaking to do the activities you love!

Group and private offerings with Vanessa Leigh Movement are limited due to the impacts of Covid-19. 

In the meantime, I highly recommend exploring the amazing online options listed below. 

Join me in The Slow Burn

I've been hanging out quite a bit with Larissa Parson in her Slow Burn Community. I'll be engaging with folx regularly and teaching periodically in this space and would love for you to join us.

The Slow Burn is more than just a library of movement classes or a virtual studio: it is a sanctuary. Life should feel good. If our culture is making us not feel good, the culture is the problem. We deserve some sanctuaries from cultural toxicity, and that's what this community is. It’s a place to move, learn, play, and explore. It’s a place to come home to your body.

Radical self-love (thanks, Sonya Renee Taylor!) is not a love at first sight situation. It’s more of a slow burn.

Join The Slow Burn free for the first month!

Other Online Offerings

Move in the comfort of your home

Restore Your Core™ - Want to move sustainably for life? RYC® is an internationally recognized movement modality for healing core and pelvic floor injuries. Purchase this comprehensive online program today and own it for life. 

RYC® Prime - access live and on-demand workouts that fall into 4 Categories: Strength, Flow, Cardio, and Restore. The content is varied, challenging, and mindful. Subscribe now to start moving and feeling better today.

One Strong Mama - OSM is a comprehensive prenatal and early postpartum exercise program for mamas who want to prepare their bodies the smart way for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Get started today and own the program for life.

I'm a proud affiliate of these programs. Clicking the links above will take you away from my site to learn more and purchase if you choose. Email me to inquire about the various ways I support my clients in conjunction with participating in the vaious online program options.

 "I was struggling with pelvic floor issues especially leaking and after the first two classes the issue was so much better. In working with Vanessa through the 8 week series I got a stronger set of glutes which helped relieve some knee pain I was struggling with and I didn't expect that result.

Vanessa has a a deep passion for this work and she is generous in all she gives for each of us to grow stronger, more resilient and come away with a deeper understanding of ourselves. I would recommend Vanessa and I would not hesitate to jump on anything she offers. Thank you Vanessa."
"I’ve gotten exactly what I hoped for in terms of accountability and personal, tailored help for my specific issues, and so much more! I’m amazed at the variety of exercises and modifications you’ve introduced me to – there is always something new to try. I have loved learning how to work with props and the balance of strength building and releasing and restorative moves has been perfect. And the best part is that I have loved your teaching style so much that it is very easy to say “yes!” to going to class each week, no matter what else is competing for my energy or attention. I always feel great after our sessions and never regret taking that time for myself." 
Today, while lifting, I had a moment of enlightenment that I maybe should check my pelvic alignment, as I remembered Vanessa teaching and demonstrating in class that proper alignment can alleviate lower back pain. After a few quick tweaks of pelvic positioning and listening to my body instead of just powering through, my lower back pain was gone during lifting, and afterward, I wasn't as sore as I normally am.

For someone with chronic pain, this is amazing! Thanks, Vanessa!!! I definitely plan to take more courses in the future to further strengthen my body and learn how to use it properly so I can keep doing the things I love and need.

Yes, I would recommend Vanessa's offerings to a friend! They're opportunities for open & safe discussions of weird & maybe embarrassing, shameful, body crap. And then strategies of how to fix it without just giving up or accepting it as we get old.

We do yoga type exercises with the acknowledgement that if you fall over or can't do it perfectly that is ok. 

"I expected to feel out of place, I don't exercise regularly and I assumed I would be the fat old lady in the room. You really made me feel welcome, and you offer accommodations for each move so I could adjust to my own needs without it being called out. I really appreciated it."
"Vanessa is amazing! I've had the program for over a year and completed it twice, but still felt like I never "got" some of the basics. I was lucky enough to win a session with Vanessa and she was kind, patient (even when my kiddos tried to restore their cores!), and was so helpful in helping me finally get some things to click! Even though I'm probably considered a vet of the program, that session on talking about candeling REALLY made a difference! Vanessa is a rockstar and I HIGHLY recommend her!"

"You teach with total transparency and egolessness. It's beautiful to witness and be on the receiving end of such generosity."

"Thank you for providing a safe space for people (by which I mean ME) to step out of their comfort zones. You are so good at holding space for everyone, regardless of where they're at and what they're experiencing."

"Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your home and your genius. As a teacher of movement for many years, I can tell you that you have a rare gift. It is an art to be able to verbally cue and guide movement."

"I've gone a week without lower back pain for the first time in 10 YEARS!!! All because of a one-on-one with Vanessa. Seriously, just one session and follow-up messages. I cannot more highly recommend seeing an RYC teacher. It's literally life changing!"

"I love Vanessa! She is warm, observant and detail oriented, which are all MAJOR pluses in a bodywork specialist. The one on one session she did with me was eye opening, even after all the classes I attended! I own the RYC program but I keep coming back to Vanessa because she is so in tune with what my body needs. There's so many more wonderful things about Vanessa that I could go on, but you know what, just give her a holler, you won't regret it!

"I really enjoyed taking RYC classes. At around 50 there can be some trepidation around starting a new exercise. But this was careful, intentional movements for any level. Special care was taken for my personal limitations and I felt changes in my body almost immediately."