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I help women move better
and feel better
in their body

You're tired of struggling with leak pee, low back pain, or core instability.  It's time to make a change and I'm here to help. Build strength, confidence, and freedom in your movements so you can trust your body as you do the activities you love. 

Group Offerings - In Person

Workshops & Series Mat Classes

Ongoing Restore Your Core™ group series classes and one-time workshops for healing core and pelvic floor injuries. Explore and retrain your core system, build confidence and freedom of movement, trust your body.

RYC® Assessment

Get Feedback On Primary Blind Spots

You are uncertain whether your movements are causing further issues in your core and pelvic floor. This one-to-one video call with me will give you detailed answers and personalized solutions for your compensation patterns.

1-1 Private Sessions

Online & In Person

Troubleshoot individual pain or movement limitations. Uncover physical weaknesses and compensation patterns and find exercises tailored for you.

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